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Jawnnies.com is structured as a blog for the convenience of its users. It is intended for networked mentoring between individuals, businesses and nonprofit agencies. Inclusion on this site is not an endorsement of any post or comment.

Jawnnies is launching with four location categories — Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Memphis and Baltimore. Except for posts about local non-profits, each category contains posts from each of the cities because the topics are shared issues.  Posts that are in this category that DO NOT identify their authors are AI summaries of the showcased agency’s website.  They WERE NOT submitted directly by those agencies.

501(c)(3) posts are divided according to their individual locations.

  • We have seeded each category with some over-sized posts that were written using artificial intelligence writing services.*
  • The current categories were chosen to provide additional information related to several features of the Commonwealth Guild.  Subscribers to Jawnnies are invited to comment or post in those categories or recommend new subjects and categories.
  • 4 The Want of a Nail contains several, staff-written posts because the issue has so much impact on everyone’s daily life.  But it also presents opportunities for entrepreneurs.
  • Honest, commercial posts are welcomed in the category “Alley Forge”.  Additional, enhanced commercial subscriptions are available at HTTPH.net


*Why Did We Use Artificial Intelligence to Launch Our Categories?

In their efforts to win approval for their “unbiased” AI, developers are currently presenting platforms that are created using as complete a collection of knowledge as possible. That means that their sources contain enormous amounts of information that seldom attracts the attention of news reports or social media postings. We can eliminate most of any biased information that AI finds by using carefully-chosen, neutral language for the keywords and the subject of each piece.

We originally just used AI as a third party analysis of some of the basic principles of our network. But it was immediately apparent that those tests would also be useful for starting online discussions. (A.I. posts are the ones with no authors.)

Most people will recognize themselves in many of these AI postings. They probably reflect the opinions that you usually keep to yourself. AI reveals that most of your secret personality is based on your common sense and street smarts. Your instincts have already been verified through a massive amount of trial and error by billions of people. Welcome to the School of Hard Knocks.

From nothing more than a proposed subject and a few neutral keywords, the resulting AI posts encapsulate what could be called the “Wisdom of the Ages”.

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