Baltimore Alliance for Careers in Healthcare

The Baltimore Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (BACH) aims to address unemployment, underemployment, and healthcare workforce shortages in the Baltimore region.

Our mission is to identify healthcare career pathways and connect residents to skilled jobs, leading to economic independence. BACH envisions a healthy community, a strong economic future, and an inclusive system that prepares and connects residents to healthcare positions in organizations with workforce shortages.

BACH was founded in 2002 through the collaboration of public and private institutions and aims to fill critical shortages at Baltimore-area hospitals by creating job and advancement opportunities for lower-skilled workers. Healthcare is the largest industry sector in the region, and there is a long-standing shortage of skilled healthcare workers.\

BACH has helped address these issues by providing training and support to individuals seeking employment in the healthcare field.

Key facts about BACH include serving 1,959 participants, with 88% completing their training and 81% finding jobs. The average wage at hire is $17.50, and the majority of participants are African-American and reside in community benefit service areas. Additionally, 97% of training completers earn industry-recognized credentials, and 83% of participants are female.


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