Catholic Social Services

Catholic Social Services, operating under the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, aims to continue the work of Jesus by affirming, assisting, and advocating for individuals, families, and communities. 

We strive to empower and transform lives in the Philadelphia community by providing comprehensive social services to meet diverse needs. Our vision is to create a world touched by Gods mercy, where poverty and need are eradicated, and all individuals share equitably in the blessings of creation.

We value compassion, dignity, charity, justice, and excellence in their work. We actively choose involvement over indifference and believe in serving those in need to foster a more just and empathetic society.

Catholic Social Services commits to uplifting neighbors in need, affirming their dignity and worth, assisting them to find wholeness and fulfill their potential, and advocating for the rights of the most impoverished and vulnerable members of the community.

We dedicate our personal energies and professional skills to caring for the well-being of our neighbors.

Catholic Social Services

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