The DMV PAL organization emphasizes five important values: intentionality, community, honesty, empathy, openness, and service.

Intentionality means actively interacting with life and creating the life we want, rather than letting life happen to us.

Community is essential for feeling safe, welcomed, important, and loved, and DMV PAL provides an inclusive space for fostering relationships.

Honesty is valued as a fundamental characteristic for building relationships with the children, police officers, and communities served by DMV PAL.

Empathy is promoted to build meaningful and healthy relationships by understanding and acknowledging the feelings and realities of others.

Openness to new experiences, people, places, and opportunities is encouraged for better understanding the world.

Service is considered the focal point of all human interaction, with the belief that everyone has unique gifts best used in helping others succeed and grow. Engaging in service fosters compassion, understanding, positive self-worth, and creates lifelong memories.


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