Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association

MIFA, founded in 1968, is an organization that supports vulnerable seniors and families in crisis. We serve over 40,000 people annually by partnering with corporations, foundations, congregations, donors, and volunteers.

MIFA’s vision is to unite the community through service, and our mission is to provide high-impact programs that promote independence. We value welcoming and respecting all people, acting with integrity, valuing individual initiative, serving as an act of faith, and balancing humanitarian goals with sound business practices.

MIFA believes that service and advocacy go hand in hand and are necessary to achieve our mission and vision. We aim to use our voices to advocate for our cause, ensuring that the community and leaders understand and support our efforts.

As the senior population grows, so does the risk of hunger among them. Food insecurity and living alone can negatively impact the physical and emotional health of seniors. However, by providing adequate nutrition and regular social interactions, these threats can be diminished, allowing seniors to maintain their health and independence for longer.

Memphis has one of the highest rates of senior food insecurity in major metropolitan areas, with 10.8% of seniors affected. While Meals on Wheels serves many areas, there is still a waiting list for nutrition services. MIFA’s senior programs aim to promote independence, health, and dignity by providing daily nutrition, fellowship with volunteers, and community dining options. Additionally, advocacy efforts support seniors when they transition to care homes.

MIFA works with community stakeholders to help families obtain and keep affordable housing. We provide interventions to prevent crises like homelessness, such as utility assistance or help finding shelter.

MIFA also promotes inter-faith understanding through various activities and projects aimed at fostering cooperation and service among people of different spiritual paths.

Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association

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