South Memphis Farmer’s Market

The South Memphis Farmers Market has become a popular destination in South Memphis for fresh produce and handmade items. It is open on Thursdays from June to September each year. The market also houses The Grocer, a year-round neighborhood grocery store that provides all the ingredients necessary for healthy home-cooked meals. Additionally, there is a fully equipped kitchen where free cooking classes are offered throughout the year.

The South Memphis Farmers Market offers not only a farmers market and grocery store but also free cooking classes.

Led by a certified cooking instructor, these classes focus on nutrition, smart grocery shopping, and cooking nutritious recipes. The market is part of the South Memphis Revitalization Action Plan, which aims to improve the community by providing access to healthy, affordable food and nutrition education.

The market was established in 2010 and has since welcomed thousands of patrons. It operates under the organization The Works, Inc., which has been serving South Memphis and neighboring areas since 1998.

South Memphis Farmer’s Market

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