Spark the Journey

Spark the Journey envisions a future where all young people can achieve economic mobility, regardless of their location, education, or race.

We aim to create a culture and community that provides equal opportunities for every individual to pursue their dreams. Spark the Journey supports young adults by offering mentorship and community, empowering them to chart their own paths to success in education, vocational fields, or entrepreneurship.

Many young adults from low-income backgrounds face income inequality, lack resources, and generational wealth. However, with adequate mentorship and support, they can reach their full potential.

This organization originated in Washington, D.C., in 1993 and has since partnered with schools and researchers to expand our offerings. We strive to address income inequality and poverty, particularly affecting Black and Brown families.

Spark the Journey believes in leveling the playing field by providing a community of support to young adults, recognizing that social capital and community connections are key factors in economic advancement.

Ourr unique mentorship approach fosters long-term relationships between mentors and mentees, backed by a values-driven commitment to compassion, equity, and excellence.

Spark the Journey

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