The Academy of Hope

The Academy of Hope Adult Public Charter School in Washington, DC has been providing education and support services for over 35 years. We serve residents aged 18 and older, helping them with high school completion, obtaining a diploma, college courses, job skills development, and career advancement.

We believe that adult education is the key to generational change and increasing opportunities for wealth-building and stronger outcomes for families. Despite DC’s high percentage of residents with advanced degrees, many adults still face challenges with basic skills like reading and job applications.

The Academy of Hope offers free services during the day and evening, both in-person and online. We work with learners at all levels and offer career tracks in hospitality, healthcare, and IT. Our staff provides caring and judgment-free support, along with food and transportation stipends. Our focus is on the needs of Black and brown adult learners, and we prioritize research and advocacy for this population.

The Academy of Hope has helped more than 4,000 adults in DC obtain a high school credential and 7,000 others improve their reading, writing, math, or computer skills. Graduates of the program are five times more likely to have a salaried career and 60% of them go on to further education or vocational training.

The Academy of Hope has also filled job openings in the healthcare and technology sectors, benefiting the economy.

Academy of Hope

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